Memories of Global Entrepreneurship Week in years gone by and some business tips for 2020

For pretty much as long as I’ve been a business journalist, the third week in November has been all about celebrating small businesses. At total of 180 countries now take part Global Entrepreneurship Week (this year it’s 16-22 November) but the initiative is actually a UK invention having launched in 2003 as Enterprise Week.

In 2003, the UK had 3.67m businesses. In 2019, the figure was 5.86m. This year, it’s likely to be much more given the popularity of entrepreneurship and the number of people turning to their own venture to get them through the pandemic.

Coronavirus will of course make this Global Entrepreneurship Week very different to ones we’ve experienced before. There’s no gathering in glamorous venues with hundreds of fellow entrepreneurial types in 2020.

My abiding memories of most GEWs are travelling from one event to another to capture entrepreneurs’ and experts’ words of wisdom. I’ve also been on stage myself a fair few times too. I’ve looked back at some of my tweets from previous years to nudge my memory.

2010 was a big year. I stayed in a hotel for the week in London as there were so many events to attend.

So many of the quotes I’ve tweeted over the years during Global Entrepreneurship Week still ring very true today. Here’s a selection:

This one from 2012 is particularly relevant in 2020:

Business tips for Global Entrepreneurship Week 2020

We all know it has been a tough year for business owners. I’ve been working with my old friends at Enterprise Nation since March to help entrepreneurs navigate the government’s coronavirus support schemes. You can connect with me on Enterprise Nation here.

I’ve also hosted some webinars where great advice has been shared for this very unique of years. I’ve been interviewed a few times too and shared some tips. Here are a selection of the videos:

How micro-businesses can access support groups

Me chatting to Thomas Costello from Go Daddy.

How to pitch your business to journalists

Me in conversation with Enterprise Nation’s Lorna Bladen. Watch the webinar here.

Networking and creating new leads online

Me hosting a webinar for Bruntwood Works.

How to keep in touch with your community during COVID-19

Me hosting a webinar for Bruntwood Works.

Global Entrepreneurship Week events to attend

I sadly won’t be travelling around physical events this GEW but there are plenty of online events to enjoy including Enterprise Nation’s always brilliant daily webinars:

You can find lots more events to attend on the GEW UK website here.

Have a brilliant Global Entrepreneurship Week 2020.

Need a business event host, interviewee or panelist? Looking for help with your content? Want tips on getting your business in the press? Get in touch with me.

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